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A3 Team 11

Page history last edited by Dan Roggenkamp 9 months ago

Dear Mariana,


Hello Mariana, how are you doing? I just wanted to see how you were doing in Paris. I was hoping to get this letter to you sooner but the censors might make it take longer. I know its weird that I know the address and all but your friend gave it to me. I know you haven't forgotten about me even with all the censorship in my area. The censorship makes it hard for me to contact people sometimes but that's life. I hope that the letter passes the screening but they are extremely strict. 


Let's talk about you though. How are you doing in Paris, France, wow that's sounds cool to say, I wish I could get away from this country. I bet France doesn't have outrages rules like here. Mariana, I wish I could visit you soon but I doubt that's a possibility. I just miss being able to see you constantly. Back in the good old days, it was easier to get in contact with you unlike now. You haven't forgotten me right, because I think about you constantly. I was so happy when your friend gave me your address so I could get a letter from you. I just couldn't wait to send you a letter full of love to see how you were doing and just talk to you about life. I hope this passes this "awesome" system we have here so you can write me back. I might even go try to work their just to get my letter to pass, but I don't know if I should. Please write me back to Mariana and have a good time in Paris.








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