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B3 Team 7

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Sweetest Mariana, 


You were my sunshine here at home. Now my sky is dark, and the clouds always rain. Argentina is not the same without you. My bed is a cold stone slab without your warmth and sunshine next to me. Paris is so far from here, but I keep the thought of you close to my heart. Soon, my skies will shine again and rain no more. Soon I will lift the sun back onto it's pedestal for worship, my love. By the time you receive this letter, Mother Argentina will not be as sick as she was. She will be much healthier than from when you departed from her house. Her children will sing again, and not hide from her merciless fist. They will dance with one another, with their Mother Argentina. And when you learn of this, Mother Argentina will beg for you to come home. France will no longer be the shiny, new toy you desire more. The freedoms you saw in France will be nothing to the freedom we’ll get back. Oh, how quickly my heart races, just imagining you back home with me. But, My love, if you do get my letter before the good deed is done, do not come. Not until I send you a letter saying it's safe to come back. I couldn’t bear it, if I lost you, my Love. Especially if it were my own fault. So, I beg that you stay tucked away in your French apartment with big sister, Stella. Tell her, for my mother, “Hello, sweetheart. The sun stays dim, yet another day.” Mama said Stella would know the meaning easily. And when the sun shines again, that is when you’ll see my face.

Until then, have hope.

From the heart, 





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