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B3 Team 4

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My dearest love Mariana,


I have not seen you in so long since you moved to France all those years ago. I miss you so much. I miss going on long walks with you, picking flowers, and looking into your eyes. I miss seeing your beautiful face every day. 

The weather lately has been very cloudy, but I hope it’s better there. Work has recently been difficult to find. The bills are starting to pile up on me, and it’s becoming a struggle to live in this place. If you were to come back soon, it might be hard for the both of us to live the life we always wanted. 

Everything has changed since you left. More people are getting arrested every day. The laws are becoming more and more strict on what can and can’t be said. Even though I miss you so very much I don’t think you should return because of how bad things have gotten here. I don’t want you to be anywhere near all of this violence.

There are not many small things I do now because everything I used to do I did with you and now everything seems pointless. Even going to the store is a difficult task for me and not just because I barely have enough money to buy a complete meal. It’s because without you everything seems dull. The whole world seems dull wherever your not. 

I know I have been down for most of this letter but I want you to know that I hope your life in France is treating you well. I hope you are always happy. I hope that you are being treated well in general. I love you very much. 



Your Love,




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