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B3 Team 3

Page history last edited by Dan Roggenkamp 8 months, 4 weeks ago

Dear Mariana,


The weather is getting worse. It is getting less bearable every day of the week!

Hell doesn’t compare to the fiery weather we experience, twenty-four hours a day, every day.

Everybody carries around a wet towel to keep themselves from heating up too much.

Clouds don’t seem to exist anymore, the only shade we have is under trees, bridges, and inside.

Only when we sleep do we get any release from the horrible heat, I wish I could ESCAPE!

Up on our roof, where we used to eat dinner, could now be used to cook an egg for dinner.

Pies your mother makes get burnt AFTER she takes them out of the oven, it is so hot.

In the middle of the night is when I miss you the most, when it is cool enough to think.

Sleep is getting scarce and harvest is coming up, so we must utilize EVERY second.

Right after the PERSON who stole your lunch box left, we threw a party.

Eight days ago, your mom died of the dry LEAVES! They all just caught fire.

Also, your cat scratched your little sisters eyes out. She couldn’t even cry over your mom.

Death is all too common nowadays. I miss you.





Your friend,




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