B3 Team 2

Dear Mariana,

Mariana please stop with the heartache, it kills me. I hear words that I don’t believe but think are true, with so many saying things about you. You lying to me is something I can’t handle on myself. Especially when I find the truth from others. Why would you do that with him? Why do I, in the midst of night, have to find the most horrible of truths from someone else? I cannot leave yet I find myself wanting to. Mariana, I write this letter to let you know that what you have done takes a toll on me. Even though I know what you've done, I truly am to weak to leave you. I feel you disable me to do so. Maybe it’s just raining like bullets but I think everything has become worse ever since you did those things. Maybe it’s the lies, but why do it, why commit those deeds knowing it would leave feelings dead?

I still find myself thinking you can be fixed but maybe I won’t be the one to do so. This is where I leave you. I’m sorry to say but as badly as I don’t want too, I must. Thank you for the past memories that you once gave me. I appreciate all the experiences. Now, I am leaving the memories as they were before they're tainted with disgust and rage.