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A1 Team 10

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Dear Mariana                         Censored 


Its Juan and I miss you and sad that you are in Paris and sad that you are not here with me, so this is a letter to you so you know what is going on here. Like the dogs get louder by the day. Also it is so tough to send letters without being censored and getting in trouble for writing.  A thing that can be censored is bad language and other things like for example the way you or I talk. And if you get censored you can be punished like going to sleep and never waking up or something else less extreme than that . One more thing I must mention to you is that I don't know how sensitive this censoring thing is so I hope I don't get in a pickle when I send this letter to you and one last time Its Juan and I miss you. The last thing I am going to say is to be careful of what you send and mail to people because you might be censored and be in a pickle like me if i I get censored  on this letter that I send to you and if you are reading this I hope you enjoy it.



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