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A1 Team 9

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Dear Mariana,

This letter is from the your admirer. I love you soooo much and want to spend the rest of my life with you XO. Your You're always on my mind. You're you're like the heavens in hell RO yYour my light at the end of the tunnel. You shine in the darkness and draw me to you like a bug to the light. I sent this letter with the intent of intercepting it but if you do get it I will be long gone from the sun light and deep in the dirt laying in a coffin of worms. I like your smile and your light blue eyes.  How could a woman ever be so pretty. I think before I go to bed, I remember when we first met we were neighbors, we would play at the park. When I hit sophomore year that's where my feelings for you grew. Now I am proposing my love. Dear Mariana I love you and I want to spend my last moments with on this earth. Dead or Alive.




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