A1 Team 8

My dearest Mariana,


     I don’t know where to start. It feels like it has been quite a while since we have last seen each other. I thought I would never be able send or receive something from you ever again. Here in Argentina, it’s hard without you. I miss having your company. I really wish that you’re doing well and safe with the people in charge over there. The best decisions aren’t being made here for us. Tell me, what is it like being able to have some control over your household and job? It’s so difficult because I fear messing up even one time here. Everything is strict and citizens have almost no power. Ever since you left, I've felt so empty and incomplete. I wish I was able to go with you to Paris, but staying here is for the best. I don't even know what to do anymore. Should I move on from you or wait until you can come back? I hope that the future generations here are able to live in peace and freedom, unlike us. What is the point in making people fear the government? If you kill of the citizens that criticize how the government runs things you will never make a change. It won’t get worse, but it will never get better either. I wish you were here to help out the community and make a change in small places so that we can make a big change overall. The town gets smaller and smaller day by day and I'm afraid that with this letter, I will be next. If this makes it to you know, just that I love you and you will always have a place for you in my heart. 


     Sincerely, Juan