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 A letter to Mariana

Dear Mariana, I hope your you're enjoying your life in France. I'm glad you were able to go to your dream place, but everyone misses you. I miss you and wish you never had to leave. Life in Argentina is way harder than it was with you here. Every morning when I wake up and open my eyes, I look around at the world wishing you were here by my side. You always helped me keep my head high, even in the hardest times. You never failed me and always impressed me. 

I went to the bar with Lola and the girls the other night. Its level of fun decreased by a large amount. We couldn't keep our minds on one thing. Our thoughts kept wandering off to memorise memories we made with you here. The days are slow but everything moves fast around me. I almost feel trapped. When I was with you I never had a second thought. I felt like I had all the time in the world and I was always happy. Now I have nothing to do and nowhere to go.

I barely go out in town anymore because it's harder to shop. Prices have increased tremendously. I miss all of our favorite dishes we would eat together. You were a great cook and no one will ever compare. I’ve spent countless hours thinking of what to write. I try my best to go about my daily life, but it's hard. 

I'm not sure your going to be able to see this letter im I'm writting to you. I'm going to try my best and get it past the censors. It's going to be challenging but I hope this will reach you no matter how long it will take. 


Love, Juan   




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