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Page history last edited by Dan Roggenkamp 1 year ago

To: Mariana 

It’s been years since I’ve heard you, but our home has not changed much.

The landscape is still as beautiful as the heavens itself and the neighborhood still looks exactly like it was when we were kids. Plus, I'm still trying to get some sort of job in the government to get money to save up for that car I always wanted since my teens. It will make that 2 hour long trip to my underpaid job bearable. I hope your  you're safe because there was one man who got arrested by the police because he was protesting for better working conditions at my job. 

I’ve heard someone say something about that park that we used to go to; they said that they might take the whole park down. It's sad because we had a lot of good memories of that place although it was always run down. But you being there always made me feel better.  I am wondering how is life over there in Paris. , s Seeing the same people, towns, and eating the same food for your entire life can be extremely depressing. Speaking of food hows the grub over there because I heard they eat snails over in France and although gross at least it's something new. Living here gets a little boring, because there is almost nothing to do and it is hard to find something to do. I have heard there is a building called an “Eiffel Tower” and I wish that I could visit that one day with you. Speaking of buildings, they are constructing a new, but sketchy, school, which they are building on the park they are going to take down. Honestly I’m just guessing that it’s a school because I genuinely don’t even know. Well I’m running out of paper and things to say so there is only one thing I want to say, have a fantastic time in Paris.


From: Juan



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