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A3 Team 10

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Dear Mariana,


It has been quite a while since the last time we have heard from each other. I miss receiving your letters in the mail. They always make my day. How is Paris? I can't believe you're living Paris, France. You must be living the best life. Here in Argentina, it's not as good as Paris. It's kind of boring. I wish I could be in Paris with you. I wouldn't have to be here all bored with these stupid laws. But I'm glad you're somewhere better than here. You deserve the best in life. I hope you're having fun. Please don't forget about me while you are having fun. It pains me to know that we are far apart. I promise one day that we will meet and see each other and we will be happy together. If I die after writing this letter, I just want you to know that i love you and i always will. I hope you write back.


Love, Juan


95 (because it's a little short)

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