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A1 Team 5

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Ela Letter

By Airic Jack


Dearest Marinara 

I don't know where to begin. it's It's been ages since we last met. sSince now your you're in pairs and i I live in Argentina this is the only thing that keeps my mind off work during the day. And this is the only joy I have spent nights staying up thinking about you and I hope you feel the same even though I know things aren't the same I wish they still were.Even though you've always dreamed of going there and enjoy the freedom, I still hope you haven't forgotten about me and I hope this letter makes a connection and I really envy the thought of living with you again be it France or Argentina and i I hope we can eat Locor again. I still miss you from the bottom of my heart and i I think about you every day and your you're on my mind every second of the day and even the gap between us. I still think of you I have had many restless nights just thinking about you and this letter will compensate for all my thoughts about you at least I hope it will. I leave this letter to you in hopes of making a connection and will remind you of my feelings towards you and really makes an impact and will change the gap i feel between us and will satisfy me and my thoughts about You and I really hope from the bottom of 

my heart that this reaches you even though you may not remember me I hope this letter will change that indefinitely and the same for me and believe me when i I say nothing will stop this letter RO I mean it even if i have to work as a censor to get this letter to you and if it does well you'll know bets wishes Juan.             




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