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November 6, 2019

A letter to Mariana

Dear Mariana

 My dearest love I really dearly hope your you're enjoying life in France. I miss you to death and i'm I'm pretty sure im not the only one who misses you but out of everyone I think I miss you the most. Right now I really wish you were by my side and we could spend our lives together. You are literally everything to me and I hope one day we can live happily ever after. You were my light in my darkness and words can't describe how in love I am with you. Life is ok but it could be so much better if you were in it.

Life in Argentina isn't so bad but again would be way better if you were in it. I haven't been going out that much I do occasionally but most of the time it's not that fun. I have so many memories with you that I can't forget and I would love to make many more with you. To be honest I doubt you even think about me nevertheless remember me the way I remember you.. A lot of the prices out of town in shops have risen so I dont go shopping that much. I always get sad over the small things like when I see a dish we would share for dinner or a certain road we would walk together on. 

I don't think you will ever see this letter but I will try and get it past the censors no matter how long it takes.

Love Juanito



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