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A3 Team 3

Page history last edited by Dan Roggenkamp 9 months ago

Dear Mariana,


     It is stressful here in Argentina. Days go by and there wasn't one day that passed without me thinking about you. I miss you so much. To be honest, I don't know how much longer I can take it here in Argentina. I would do anything to be with you again. I hear almost everyday gunshots from death squads and rebels in the city. I can't sleep that well from all the ruckus, and I am scared that someone is going to break into my house while one of the riots is going on. It is difficult to describe how my life is going now. I miss you too much. I wished that I could be with you in Paris. We could take strolls in the park, raise kids, and be happy with life, but that is all a wish. My heart is empty without you. I don't know when we will see each other again. This country has gone corrupt with letters and papers being censored by the government from the people. I just hope this letter makes it to you because if it doesn't, we will never see each other again. I am scared to the bone by this, because there is so much I want to do with you. I hope this never happens because I don't want to lose you. I can't imagine a world without you, and I don't know what will happen past death. All that I know is that we won't be together. That is what scares me the most. Life in this country will go by quick since so many people are dying everyday. I just don't want to be part of that number. Days pass, my memories are slowly fading away because I am getting distracted by all the chaos. I don't remember the date when we last met. I am also scared of maybe one day, I will completely forget about you because of all of the chaos. Our relationship is far apart, but I will always try to remember you.






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