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A3 Team 4

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My Dear Mariana,


     My dearest Mariana, my only love. It has been very long since I last wrote to you and my heart aches with pain without seeing you. I miss you dearly and I long for you everyday. Writing to you is extremely difficult due to the several procedures that letters nowadays have to go through. 

     Life here has become quite different than before, it is more strict than when you were here. Chaos is spread through the country and to be honest, I’m quite scared of what will happen in the future and if this letter will get censored. 

     From the moment I opened my eyes in the morning to the moment I close them in the night, the thought of you not being here has changed me, I’ve become … different. How is life in Paris? I hope when this letter gets to you, my name will be known to all of Argentina. I long to be there with you, however, I cannot be there yet. 

As said previously, I can not be there yet because of the chaos. I hope as time goes on, the chaotic state of our country will go down, but I highly doubt it. The country has become more lively since the change of people in authority. My love for you will never fade and I hope that when this gets there, you will feel the same.






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