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A Team 5

Page history last edited by Kinley 2 years ago

Dearest Mariana, 

How are you? How is France? Is the weather nice? It's practically freezing here. Temperatures are frigid here in Argentina, for I practically arrive to work frozen every day. Have you received my letters? I have sent many, but have not gotten any responses back. I never know if you've gotten them. the systems ways of managing the thousands and thousands of letter every day is rather shortsighted and simpleminded. I believe it is the upmost chaotic scene I have laid my eyes on. Anyways, how is school going for you? Is it enjoyable? Oh how I have unlimited questions it seems like. I have so very many questions and so very little time. There is quite possibly not enough paper in the world to write down every question and concern that fills my mind. Although some days it seems as if my lonesomeness may just get the best of me, I tend to get by everyday. Things aren't terrible here. 


That reminds me, I have some news to endorse you with. My dear, for I've got a new job. I'm currently working as a censor to make sure my letter will make it to you safely and surely. I'm can't take having no communication with you. I yearn for your words, how ever so smoothly you use them. On the other hand, the job is great! Good pay for efficient work, therefor it is fair. At first i did not fancy my new profession, but now it almost seems as if I'm receiving promotions left and right. I've adapted a new routine that, in my opinion, is good for me. Mother says she is worried about me, but I have no clue as to why. Work is great, I'm a good manager. I don't take lackadaisical mindsets from any individual. 


Now I'm done with my thought-provoking updates, it is now your turn. Please my dearest Mariana, reach back to me. Inform me with how you have been, and all of the newness you have been pleasured to experience. 


Sincerely, Juan 

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