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B Team 13

Page history last edited by Joshua 1 year, 9 months ago

Dear Mariana,


                Hello, how is it going in France? Are you alright? It's alright over here, I'm doing fine but there was a big earth quake that partly ruined this place but we are going to recover sooner or later. I am doing well with everything over here, and take your time when coming over to part. I hope we don't go down anytime soon, that would not be good because it's quite vital for ourselves. Are you going anywhere by the way? I hope you good luck in your rabbit hopping though I will try to join you in it to get away from the crocodile jaws. Sorry if I sound like I am worrying too much, I just don't want you to be consumed by the unjust and put back in the stomach. I only want the best for both of us, though life did not give us that option in home, we are able to move and will. We can adjust our lives and environment for the better to turn this world to be much more lax about things. Over here is like a good lunch, though it is usually a sugar coated Satan sandwich but we make due. I hope you are doing alright where you live, and I also hope that I get the same from fate.

                     To you my dear and from your good man, Juan.

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