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B Team 10

Page history last edited by Andre 1 year, 11 months ago

Dear Mariana Trench,


I haven’t seen you in awhile and I still love you. I am stuck in this place and I fear it will get worse; a very bad storm is coming, the circle will keep getting smaller and smaller until there is no circle left. I might not make it out alive, the zombies in the storm will get me. No one will revive me and I will die a slow death. I hope when you get this letter I will you will understand what is happening and you will tell others from my perspective. I have small supplies drops with very little stuff in it. I really do like it here in Russia with our new President Lil’ Putin. I like to performances when he has a rap battle with his piano. I also like our god Biggie Rasputin I like the way how he taught Russia, he lead us to victory when we nuked Japan and took over Germany.





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