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Aydan Jaquez




Dear Maryonna,

                        I just wanted to say how much I miss you and how I will do everything I can to get to you and be able to see you in person again. I keep trying to find my way out because I want to send you this letter and I also try to find my way to a plane so I can fly to paris. Every time I go people say I can’t leave my house so I started to snitch on people to make it seem like I'm the good guy and I haven’t done  anything wrong. Now I have a better chance of leaving the house because the people always saying that I can’t leave are in jail. But right when I was packing up there was a knock on my door and I opened the door. It was the cops they asked if I have been trying to leave my family, but they totally did not understand at all. I said no, I am just trying to go see the love of my life and earn money so I could buy my plane ticket. When they heard me say earn money they asked how. I said by begging people for money, and they normally give me five bucks. The cops said I was stealing and they arrested me they told my parents and they were fine with them taking me away. Now I am in jail waiting to be set free I will find you one day.


                                  Aydan Jaquez



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