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B Team 8

Page history last edited by Hunter 1 year, 11 months ago

Dear Mariana,


I am still in love with you and I was wondering if you still love me. I am still in Argentina and there are active air raids going on every night and it is very frightening. Every night I hear the Pumpkin launcher right outside my house. Soon after I hear the victory royale music playing. I have never obtained a victory royale yet but I hear it happen all the time. I watch a lot of anime inside since it is too dangerous outside, it's almost like a battle royale out there. I wish for you to return here since I cannot bare to live alone for much longer. our dictator is Shane Dawson. I have bought tickets for a concert but you will not be able to attend it sadly. I cannot wait until your return since the house is going to be well decorated for your arrival. I am gathering flowers, your favorite type,



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