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B Team 6

Page history last edited by Caitlyn 1 year, 11 months ago

My love Mariana,

I have been in Misawa for a while, and so far I’m not liking this place at all. The weather is so crappy, everyday my feelings toward leaving this place is getting bigger and bigger. But as long as I have you, I feel like I can go through anything. We are a match made in heaven, and I would do anything to keep it like this.

I have never thought of me having to leave you, but here I am right now, over here without you. I mean, it’s not that bad. The food is really nice. Sea foods are something I really want you to try here if you come to visit. Especially sushi. I go to Hama Sushi and have all the sushi I want. It honestly makes my day. I think it would be better if I go with you, so I will be waiting for that moment to happen. I’m so sure you will enjoy the food here.

The people are really nice here. We all care about each other and be nice even if they are strangers. I feel safe around these people, so just to make you feel comfortable, I think I will be fine staying here for a while. Don’t worry about me, everything will be alright! I think about you everyday, so I’m on cloud nine all day long. I shouldn’t be having my head in the clouds for too long so I should start concentrating about what I can do right now. I hope you had an amazing day, and more, but please keep in mind that I will see you soon!

Love Juan


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