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B Team 5

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Ronald Mays



   Dear Mariana, I have been missing you so much. I thought you forgot about me to be honest. Recently it has been very difficult to go about life without you. I really hope this message gets out to you and doesn't end up in someone's shredder. I like how meticulously they search through our mail. I wouldn't be surprised if the government censored this because of how interested they are in our business. I’m going to fill you in on what's going on back home. There being really thrifty with their money especially when it comes to schools or public transportation. Recently The government has behaved in such a childlike manner and I find it quite intriguing. I can't wait to tell you about what they're doing with the restaurants.

Rent is going up so all our local restaurants were we live are adapting. Restaurants are getting even more sated by the day I feel like a sardine every single time I go out. I brought up my complaints with the owners but they were extremely steadfast and unwilling to see out my complaints. Do you remember Sasha that used to be my next door neighbor? Sasha just moved back like a week ago it was cool we had a big party for her and everything. I was extremely excited that she moved back until about five o'clock in the morning when her mutt was hollering like a siren. Marianna thanks for sending that letter it made my day if you get this can you respond as soon as possible.


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