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Living in Argentina is hard without you. All of our greatest memories keep flowing through my mind as the days pass by. Argentina is quiet, as always. Maybe even more quieter than before with you gone. Days pass by and I still long for the day to end because I can’t long to be without you. Each and every day I feel as if years are going by. Memories of us make me long for your presence even more. I miss you and just want to be with you today.

The life here has been failing the past few weeks. The machines in town are taking over the whole city. They’re rotting the dough. The machines are constantly draining us each and every day. But the nutcase of it all, nobody is doing nothing about it. We are losing the battles against the devilish machines and still we remain weak. Weeks and weeks have passed by and we still live  miserably with these monstrous machines.

The man in the dark black coat is ruining my will to survive. He takes all the money and has been giving us the crappy end of the stick. I wish you were here with me, I can’t say it any more than I have. The man in the dark black coat makes the skies gloomy and the streets turn into molten tar as the man in the black suit is in full control. I hope I will be able to send another letter out very soon. I love you so much, so much it cannot be expressed in words.





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